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Shorty Mac DOUBLE CREAMPIE! Mandingo Star Mandingo Meaning Shorty Mac DOUBLE CREAMPIE! Shorty Mac DOUBLE CREAMPIE! Xxx Interracial Sex
Member Rating: 8.85 Shorty Mac DOUBLE CREAMPIE! - Date Added: Saturday, 04/12/2014
Introducing SHORTY MAC! Holy Shit! This is definitely the biggest black cock I have ever sucked, fucked or even seen! It may be the biggest dick in the world. It is so big, my makeup girl Gia Poloma couldn't resist stepping in the scene just to suck on this huge black cock. No white woman in the world could resist this god-like cock. This is the first cock that actually scared me. The entire time I was sucking Shorty Mac's black dick I was thinking about how in the hell I was going to be able to fit that into my pussy. If this wasn't an interracial creampie site, I'd have just sucked him off and swallowed his cum. But as you know, I NEED every cumshot deep inside my pussy. I definitely earned my interracial cream pie on this one! OUCH! It HURT SO FUCKEN' GOOD. The only position I could take Shorty Mac in (at least for now!) was doggy style, so that's the way this creampie ends! With me bent over for my black stud, talking as dirty as I can until Shorty can no longer hold back, busting a giant, thick, gooey nut right into my white pussy. Not ONCE, but TWICE! That's right, Shorty Mac gives me TWO INTERRACIAL CREAMPIES in a row! One man, two cream pies. This black stud is amazing! I hope this will not be the last time I get to suck and fuck this man's huge black monster cock! Until next week, BYE GUYS!!! XOXOXOXOXOXXO

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Member dan1m**** Said:
Gia Paloma shows up for a random deepthroat cameo. Awesome!

Member ilove**** Said:
me too man, that bitch needs a superior black baby

Member 88dro**** Said:
C'mob Barb! I want to see you get pregnant!

Member banks**** Said:
How do you even let Shorty Mac on your site. He is a midget, has a lisp its just a downer on the whole scene. Make it a little more realistic scenarios

Member oedo3**** Said:
Barbie Cummings is so hot, she's simply the best

Member rrrdo**** Said:
Wak, wak, and more wak

Member rrrdo**** Said:
Barbie Cummings, boy are you hot! If you wabt better and higher ratings don't ever, ever, ever, ever use this guy in one of your flicks or scenes again. You deserve 11 plus every night

Member gogge**** Said:
Give that man a couple of 1000 VIAGRAs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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