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I have to admit that it's great having my own site. I get to chose the massive black cocks to invade my holes. In fact, could have a small white dick but they never get hard enough and leave me wanting more. I heard a rumor that Ice Cold and Jason Brown pack nearly a foot each! I had Ice Cold fuck me into oblivion and drained his sack deep into my white snatch. However, my pink fuckhole needed much more so Jason Brown stepped up to the plate in hopes that a cream pie from him would do the trick just in case Ice Cold's seed didn't make it's way through my fallopian tubes. Black stud seed is the only one for me. I'm now on the way to the pharmacy to get one of those pregnancy tests. My family back home would be so proud.

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Member teren**** Said:
Do you have a name or names in your mind yet for any future possible child/children ?

Member teren**** Said:
Terrific soliloquy .... This woman is a Prophetess, channeling messages from many different planes to this one.

Member ilove**** Said:
We need more barbie cummings, i dont know what she is doing or where she has been but i need more new scenes of her, she's the best on this site

Member david**** Said:
Mmmm, I just became totally fuckin' retarded for Barbie's pussy. God DAMN that was hot talk.

Member lefto**** Said:
whatta great team!!! Barbie, don't give up!

Member papa0**** Said:
Why dont they actually have someone fuck her hard, this is starting to get fucking stupid!

Member ttk42**** Said:
Awesome! Barb can flip me off any time!

Member CMHcu**** Said:
Love the dialogue in this scene...great job Barb...

Member smith**** Said:
Yes we do

Member marti**** Said:
we need more of this girls

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